• Repair,calibration,dismantling,installation,trouble shooting of all types of fuel and diesel injection pumps and nozzles, rotary & plunger ,PT & electronic from 1 cylinder upto 18 cylinder ,providing all services on yearly contract .
  • Repair,rewind,overhaul,trouble shooting AC/DC motors,generators,transformers,penal board and construction equipments & industrial and marine from 0.1 kw upto 1000kw,providing all services on yearly contract.
  • Repair,overhauling,manufacturing,made of aluminum and brass radiators,heat exchanger,oil cooler,eveporator,air cooler,from vehicle upto marine,and all services provided on yearly contract.
  • Mechanical,balancing,calibration of instrumentation & machinery of the machine shop,and all services are provided on yearly contract.
  • Repair,fabricating,fixing and supply of all type of rivet type & glow fixing type brake lining,brake pad and brake shoes,for bus ,truck,crane,electric motor,plants etc.


    NOTE: Import & supply of spare parts for all the above services.
  • We handle all kind of fabrications repair,bending molding in all type of materials. steel, aluminum, plastic, galvanize, stainless steel, casting, artificial formica, teflon, nylon,P.V.C, and all types of seals and gaskets.
  • We also handle hard chrome plating and heating treatments.
  • We have complete machine shop facilities for any kind of repair and machining.
  • We are able to fabricate Spur gears, Bevel gears, Spiral gears and Helical gears.